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Personal Training, Bootcamps & Kickboxing
in Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, West LA,
Brentwood, Bel Air and Malibu, California
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We specialize in training our clients—regular people like you and me—using techniques and methods normally reserved for athletes. Why do this, what does it get you?
  • Better results faster
  • Melts away FAT FAST while building strong muscles
  • It makes you stronger and more stable
  • It prevents injuries and keeps you pain and injury free
Multi-million dollar athletes can’t afford downtime and neither can you. Maverick Fitness focuses on pain and injury prevention by building a stable foundation, a strong core, and individual limb balance and overall stability.

With that in place and the Maverick Fitness training system, you can lose fat fast and get the body you want and KEEP IT for life!

Maverick Fitness’s Proven Formula Provides Results Fast!

Breaking news!!!  Maverick Fitness’s Spring Success Story.
Martina has lost 25 pounds in her first two months!

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Just one of Maverick Fitness's Success Stories Martina lost 15 pounds in her first month!
Before & After Weight loss

Martina before and after losing 15 pounds!

Paullie now is fitter, stronger and has more energy to chase her children around!
Personal Training, Bootcamps and Kickboxing Serving the Communities of: Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Century City, Culver City, Malibu, Marina Del Rey, Pacific Palisades, West LA, Playa Del Rey, Santa Monica, Venice, and Westwood.

Maverick Fitness Personal Training and Bootcamps will get you in the BEST SHAPE of your life!