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About Maverick Fitness

We are a fitness company based in Malibu and Santa Monica, California.

We specialize in providing personal and small group training using techniques that focus on injury prevention and scientifically-based behavioral and lifestyle support.

Maverick Fitness Mission

Our mission is to provide outstanding multi-platform fitness training and education with a focus on making elite athletic techniques for pain and injury prevention and research-based lifestyle counseling for life-long fitness.

Why a Personal Trainer

When many people think of personal trainers, the first thought that often comes to mind are gyms filled with hard core body builders. However, these days personal training has taken on a new form and increasingly more people are hiring trainers to help them attain their fitness goals.

Everyone knows that regular exercise is the best way to lose weight, tone the body and reduce unwanted fat.  Some of the benefits a client of Maverick Fitness can receive from a well maintained exercise routine include a reduction in many health risks such as:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Cancer
  • Heart disease

Fitness training will also help to prevent the onset of osteoporosis by building and maintaining strong healthy bones, muscles and joints.  Clients often rave after only a few weeks about their increased energy and ability to sleep better at night.  Those that incorporate exercise into their lives and maintain it consistently report feeling less anxious and stressed, instead, they have more self confidence and they look and feel younger.

Whether you're young or old, just starting out, have no time to train or have been working out for years, you would be amazed at the fitness possibilities a Maverick Fitness Personal Trainer can create for you. A beginner just starting out will become educated on the basics of exercise and get set up on a program to get the fit and toned body they've been looking for.  Those that think they are too busy for exercise will be surprised to learn of so many easy ways to fit exercise into your day and will appreciate the guidance and support a personal trainer offers.

Maybe you've been exercising for years or are looking to train for an event but are stuck in a rut or have not seen results or improvement in your body for months now?  You may need to call in a personal trainer to get back on track – a Maverick Fitness Personal Trainer can create a new routine that will guarantee your body success and results. Muscles need to constantly be challenged and the best way to do this is by changing your routine.  A Maverick Fitness Personal Trainer knows how to keep exercises fresh and give your body what it needs to get where it's trying to go.

Yes, a Maverick Fitness Personal Trainer will be a HUGE motivator and provide you with nutrition and exercise advice that you never even knew existed.  However, the secret is finding the best trainers that have the knowledge, know-how and personality to support, guide and coach you along.  At Maverick Fitness, we hire only the top professionals in the fitness industry who are aware of cutting edge training techniques and always on top of the latest in health and nutrition. Find out more about our trainers and what they can offer you! Meet the Maverick Fitness Trainers

If those aren't enough reasons to hire a personal trainer to help you reach your fitness goals,read the Top 10 reasons provided by the American Council of Exercise (ACE, 2003) why working with a personal fitness trainer can be beneficial to you!

Why Maverick Fitness

Our trainers are a cut above. Our instructors all graduated at the top of their class with 500 or more class hours of training and hold masters degrees in health and fitness, as well as teaching certification classes for other personal trainers. They have hours of clinical, hands-on experience with clients of all ages in one-on-one training, kickboxing, dance and weight training. In addition to these qualifications, our trainers are trained in prehabilitative techniques to ensure our clients spend more time reaching their goals than healing an injury, thus giving our clients better return for their fitness investment.

Enjoy fun workouts with elite, friendly trainers who not only know how to keep things fresh and interesting, but know who YOU are!

Superior Instruction

Maverick Fitness Trainers are the best in the industry. During the initial evaluation our trainers talk in depth with the client to get an understanding of their medical history and fitness goals. We then perform an evaluation workout to identify the client's current fitness level. This process enables the trainer to focus on the necessary steps that need to be taken in order to get the client into the physical shape they desire. Instructors are trained in manual resistance methods, assisted stretching and exercises that help to strengthen tone, provide balance, and improve flexibility. Their education, knowledge and experience are unsurpassed and the best you will find in the industry.

Personalization and Service
Each and every detail of a clients program is custom and unique to the individual. When you train with Maverick Fitness you will never feel rushed or neglected. We take the time to answer all of your questions, provide you with a safe training environment and focus on every detail. We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction and customized functional training programs that are unlike anything in the Northern Virginia area. Whether you're looking for a jump start program or to train 2 or 3 times a week; you name it, we have it!

The motivation our clients receive pushes them to do so much more than they would ever do on their own. You will never find our trainers looking away from you or not watching you perform an exercise - we are there every step of the way, supporting you, and safely making you do more exercises and reps than you ever thought possible for yourself. Your routine will never be the same since we are constantly tweaking routines, and keeping workouts fun and exciting by incorporating a variety of disciplines.

No where else will you find a personal training company that offers more convenience. We come to your home, work or local community center - we know your time is valuable and we will help you find the time to fit exercise into your hectic schedule.

Maverick Fitness offers superior instruction, motivation and convenience, all at reasonable rates. Our in-home training rates are some of the best you will find in the area and no where else will you find this kind of instruction. Our instructors love training and educating people and therefore we strive to keep our rates reasonable so that everyone can experience this truly one of a kind personal training experience.