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FAQs-Maverick Fitness

Q-Where are you located?
A. Maverick Fitness is located in beautiful Santa Monica and Malibu, California. Our studio is on 2nd Street between Arizona Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard (not far from the intersection of 2nd Street and Wilshire Boulevard).  Maverick Fitness Address and Location

We also hold classes outdoors at Santa Monica Beach or in the nearby Palisades Park as weather permits and class preference dictates. 

Maverick Fitness also provides personal training and small group workouts in-home or at your apartment’s health facility, as well as working with select local area gyms.

Q- How much do you cost?
A. Class prices vary, but a typical small group class costs $360 for 6 weeks or $444 for 8 weeks, for 3 classes per week, including equipment! That’s a great deal compared to other “Boot Camps” in the area!   We may also run promotions from time to time and have seasonal specials so make sure to ask or check out the class section!  Current Class Schedule

The cost of personal sessions varies according to what results the client wants. Call or email us to discuss developing a program that works for you!

Q-May I bring along a friend and split the session fee?
A. Yes, you can!  We can personal train groups up to five in our studio, your home, or apartment’s health facility.  There is a small increase in the overall fee, but the individual savings can be greater than 65% depending on your group size and how we structure your package.

Q- How fast can I expect to see results?
A.That depends on two things: Where you’re starting from and what you are willing to put into it. If you are a size 18 and want to be a size 6 in two weeks, that’s not reasonable or safe. But we have had clients undergo startling transformations within six weeks with strict diet, exercise and dedication. Our usual client starts to see looser clothing and a trimmer shape in three to four weeks of sensible diet and hard work in our classes three times a week.

Q- What makes working with a small group or personal trainer better?
A. Besides the personal relationship with you and your trainer, working one-on-one or in a small group allows your instructor to focus on your technique- this allows them to show you how to get the greatest results in the shortest amount of time. You don’t have to spend your entire life in the gym to look good and feel great!

Q- What’s this “Lifestyle Support?”
A. Our Health and Lifestyle Coach, Susan J. Hale,M.P.H. meets with all our personal training clients to help them find ways to make fitness fit into THEIR lives as opposed to changing their lives to fit around living at the gym. She will help you find ways to make changes, either big or small, that help make eating healthier an easy way of life for you and your family. Your personal training session starts with a fitness consult with your trainer and a health consult with Susan to ensure you get the best results in the fastest time.